The Vibe Never Lies: 3 Ways To Be Better In Bed

When we marry the love of our lives, we do so because we don’t want anyone else. We also don’t want our mate to want anyone else either. Unfortunately, the lack of great sex can be a driving force behind why people cheat on thier spouse while being married.
Sometimes we may feel like why is sex a big deal anyway? Not all of us our great at it and not all of us want it as often as our partners. As it turns out, no matter how much we question it, sex is important because it’s natural. There’s no escaping the urge to do it.
To be better in bed you have to understand this one fact: Sex is all about the vibe.
The vibe never lies and women can feel it strongly. The vibe is created through a combination of what happens before sex and during sex. Some women may be great at ignoring the bad vibes but eventually, if the sex isn’t good, she’s going to want it from someone. Since lack of sex (or bad sex) may lead to infidelity and infidelity can lead to divorce, why not just avoid all of that and just get better in bed?

1. Stop being one-sided

Having sex is essentially the best natural game between two humans ever invented. Great sex is ultimately a game about who can please the other best. If two people play by these rules, then sex will be ten times more enjoyable than if sex was one-sided.
The biggest mistake we make when it comes to having sex is going into it solely for the purpose of experiencing pleasure for ourselves. Most guys, unfortunately don’t even go into sex with the goal of making a girl orgasm. Instead, they’re just look to get-off.
I know some guys who won’t even masturbate a girl under any condition. To them, the thought of fingering a girl is a waste of time. They just want to reach the moment of climax and be gone.

There’s also guys who say they don’t like going down on a girl’s pussy but of course don’t mind a girl going down on them. Now I suppose personal preference is ok if its within reason, but usually these kind of guys fall under the category of having “one-side sex”.
To have better sex, you have to play the game. Having one-sided sex is arguably another way of cheating. Be more selfless and you’ll get more credit in bed.

2. Build anticipation

Most women don’t mind talking about what they like and don’t like when it comes to sex. In fact, talking about sex before actually doing it can build anticipation and can convert into passionate sex. It’s like being a tease. Talking about sex, imagining sex and even laughing about sex all increases our urge to do it. The stronger the urge, the better the sex may be.
There’s a huge advantage you’ll have when talking to your partner about what she likes doing prior to going under the sheets. That is, you’ll have a much better idea about how to please her than you would if you were just going into it not exactly sure about what she likes.

For example, while talking to her, you may find out that she really likes it from behind. That’s your cue then to initiate that position during sex. If you instead find out that she doesn’t like it from behind, then not doing it will save you some embarrassment and an award moment that may just ruin the whole vibe. Ruining the vibe is the ultimate sin when it comes to being great in bed.

3. Intellect over beauty

Most of believe we’re relatively smart, but sometimes our insecurities overshadow that thought. That’s why when someone comes along and makes us genuinely feel good about ourselves, we’re instantly attracted to them at one level or another. Use this phenomenon to your advantage. Compliment her intellect rather than her beauty. Yes, you can compliment her smile, her dress and her lips but just don’t do it too much. In fact, I’d strongly suggest only offering one compliment towards her physical appearance on the night you’re expecting to get it on. There are just better ways to turn her on.

Complimenting her intellect, such as how she was clever enough to solve a certain problem she had or how you think she is impressive for what she studied in school, gives her a different kind of feeling. A feeling that she probably doesn’t feel often. If you make her feel confident, you’ll come off as confident as well. If she’s your wife, she may already know that you’re a pretty smart and confident guy, but a reminder of why she loves you to begin with, ignites those feelings she has when you first met her. That’s the kind of feeling you want to try to maintain during marriage and that’s how you’ll be better in the bedroom.

Let Her Know The Real Man You Are by Being Better in Bed

As most couples would agree, relationships are the best thing to have happened to them. It is very vital to keep your relationship exciting each day to make it long lasting. Making your relationship stronger and healthier is at least every couple’s wish. Have you ever wondered how your relationship would be if you never got intimate with your partner or express your love for each other physically? Well, you would be the most boring couple and your daily routines as a couple would get quite monotonous and sooner or later, the relationship would be shattered. Being good in bed is the key factor to make your partner stay more with you. It is vital to understand your partner’s sexual needs and work it out best for her. A good partner in bed will never complain of the other partner dating outside relationship under normal circumstances. Most men do not really give the ladies the satisfaction they need in bed. Perhaps, this is because the man has a small dick or else just cums once and succumbs to a deep slumber. On the other hand, the lady partner is left with the burning urge of fulfilling her sexual desire. With this reason, will the lady not have sex outside relationship? The solution to this is knowing how to be better in bed.


As a man building reputation is a vital aspect. When your lady boasts to her fellow girlfriends of how good you are in bed, not only do you feel that pride but also your esteem and self confidence are boosted. Keeping your lady happy is also every man’s dream. After a great sex experience, definitely your lady will lead a happy cool time to appreciate the proper service you have lent her. If really the sex was so enjoyable, the lady will be eagerly awaiting for another chance. Unlike the first time that you had to pull all the tricks to win her to bed, this time round she will readily give her whole enticing body to you. Failing to satisfy your lady can affect your overall daily activities negatively. If she chooses to tell you how poor you were in bed, not only will this be embarrassing to you but also will lead any man in much frustration. A woman with a burning desire to have sex will do anything to have the desire curbed. She will even offer herself to your brother or even your comrades. My friend, it is the highest time that you shower her with all bed delicacies hence giving her no reason of wishing to have sex with another man.


A bigger stronger dick is obvious the like of most ladies. There are different methods for enlarging your dick bigger ranging from taking artificial pills to natural ways. Normally, the height of a person is directly related to the length of the dick. A bigger dick leads to the lady getting satisfied quite faster compared to a small dick man. A bigger dick also give a man confidence during sex. It is upon you to choose either the natural way of training the dick or of pills in order to achieve the right size.


Being fertile is essential in a relationship since kids are quite essential in a marriage. Increasing sperm count increases chances of impregnating your lady. Eating food rich in; Zinc, vitamin C, Selenium and essential fatty acids builds up confidence of asking the number of kids you should aim at. Scientifically, taking hot baths results to reduced number of sperms thus this can be avoided by keeping your body cool. Avoiding daily bicycle riding can also help increase the sperm count.


Cumming a lot not only gives the lady morale on how much she is satisfying you but also gives you intense fun by the number of orgasms you receive. By ejaculating a little, it gives ladies a picture that you are not fertile as some other men. To achieve cumming a lot, one needs to quit alcohol since it dehydrates the entire body whereas we know semen has a high water percentage. Taking a lot of water also increases the load to ejaculate more frequently. Regulating the testes temperature by wearing light clothing also helps cum a lot more.

Learn today how to be better in bed and you will remain your lady’s attraction and fountain of happiness.

Operation Support Our Troops

The operation to support our troops movement is a nonprofit making organization. It was initiated in America to show solidarity and boost morale of the servicemen in uniform serving outside America. It started that when the war in Iraq lingered on, the number of “care packages” contributed to troops has dropped, however two Edon, Ohio, women tried to maintain the donations high. For the sacrifices of the men in uniform, the two women, who had sons in the military, launched the Operation Support the Troops, a project aimed at collecting donations and sending them to the troops serving at the areas characterized by conflict.

The son of Emily Curti, Jonathan, was a captain in the Army while Patti Curry’s son, Mike, was a captain and pilot in the Air Force. The two women thus opted to combine their efforts to collect and send packages to as many overseas military personnel as they could.

It was out of this short service initiative that turned into a big thig that attracted volunteers all over and it continued even after war.

The two mothers continued to visit service, church, and more other groups to woo support for their project. However they involved the press in the project to help sell out their agenda that saw them make tremendous achievements as the donations continued to flow at higher rate. Out of their activity the women concluded that many people want to share but they do not know how.

The made donations have been used to benefit Operation to Support the Troops-IL, Inc. It’s in this process that volunteer charity organization has sent their over 12,000 “packages” of commodities to the serving troops in Afghanistan and Iraq among other regions. The movement has also helped to boost the troops’ morale stationed volatile regions.

The assembled care packages always full of snacks, individual care items, and notes of greeting, congratulations and encouragement. Furthermore, OSOT-IL has supported injured soldiers with grants of DVDs, indoor games and all foods. It has also raised $100,000 to buy vans for extremely injured troops. In the year 2006, OSOTIL collaborated with Hines Hospital to financially provide backup for expanding their facilities and equipment to accommodate, feed and treat returning Afghanistan and Iraq wounded Veterans. OSOT-IL has indeed done a lot to ensure to ensure the already suffering veterans have a better life.

Among the dedicated supporters of the movement is actor, producer, director and starring of the popularly rated CSI New York , Chicago-area original Gary Sinise. The man has received many awards and presents for his continued contributions to the motivation and welfare othe US Military men and women. The “Lt. Dan Band” performed exemporaly in his Oscar performance in the “Forrest Gump”. He is actually named after the he portrayed in the show. There is a lot everyone can get to enjoy and every show focuses on the band’s musical diversity. Besides, the show focuses on the energy and passion every member gives to the stage. It is thus a lesson that we should share what we have with our servicemen to improve their life quality to.

Assist Osotil Operation Support Our Troops Illinois

Under the auspices of osotil operation support our troops Illinois, private companies, organizations and corporations are rendering assistance in the gathering of care packages. The essentials are transported to support US troops who have been deployed to the Middle East as part of a campaign by Washington to tame protracted terrorist annexation of territory in Iraq by ISIL (Islamic State) and instability in the Middle East. Illinois has been vibrant in Operation Support Our Troops, an offshoot a military-aid group led by forces’ families. The organization has guidelines flowing from the Pentagon and is meant to gather, package and transport the care items.

Item Donations

Soldiers have requested various things that are ubiquitous at households, you can donate canned fruit, Jerky or beef sticks, cheese and crackers, Granola bars, cereal, handy candy, chewing gum, deodorant, soap and Baby Wipes (personal appreciative notes with address), socks, DVDs/CDs, hand sanitizer, toothpaste, canned tuna, meat, disposable cameras, shaving cream, pre-sweetened drink mixes, trail mix and salty snacks.

You can also mail your donation which is tax-deductable gift to Washington (1807 S. Washington St., Suite 110, #359 Naperville, IL 60565). Additionally, you can provide donations through PayPal on OSOT’s website.

Charitable entities and stakeholders have also jumped on the bandwagon with events such as “Rockin’ for the Troops” that swept the Cantigny Park in Wheaton on July 17, 2015. Churches have also played a role in mobilizing Illinois denizens to collect essentials as well as numerous companies. Local community organizations like CUB SCOUT PACK in Blackhawk have been sensitizing kids and parents to make their donations and collections are underway. Other groups have emerged on the social media where you can pinpoint the nearest charity group or event’s held to invite donors in Illinois.

Why Donate to osotil operation support our troops Illinois?

American soldiers have shown fortitude by sacrificing their lives abroad, in the wake of extremist terrorism and turmoil in the Middle East; they have been re-deployed to offer logistic support. OSOTIL was founded to create a bridge between ordinary Americans and military personnel where you can give resources, education, boost morale and extend your generosity to our troops. Government assistance to dispatched troops is essential but not complete without citizenry support.

Citizens not only express patriotism and honor to soldiers but unanimous encouragement from the American people rallying behind them. This bolsters their course to promote peace, democracy and topple the enemies of mankind including terrorist groups from their Mesopotamian havens.

If you have a loved one who is among the armed forces serving in the Middle East, OSOTIL can convey your package directly to the recipient. Other charitable organizations are running collections for unsolicited items.